How to create blog?

Create blog is easy to do it. just follow steps below:

Step 1. go to and register. make sure you have gmail account.
 if you don't, you must go to and register a new mail.
Step 2. it will guide you to change fill the information "Dashboard":
 fill out the information above.
 here you can change a different email. accept the Terms of Service then  and Press "Continue".

Step 3. ok, you have competed your dashboard information and change a different email or don't.  In this step, you can edit your information or add photo.
now it's time to create a first blog. Click Button "Crate you blog now".

Step 4. Name Your Blog:
- Blog Title: Type the name of your blog
- Blog Address(URL): fill your url you wish to. then it will check your url by "Check Check Availability", is it duplicate with other blog url or not. if your url duplicate, so you must change to the new one until it is valid. if your url is valid, so click "Continue".

Step 5. choose template: you can choose a template which one would you like. Note you can change your template to other templates later.

If you've done it, Press "Continue"
after that your blog has been created. in this you can post a blog now or customize your blog look like, it means style of blog. because Google have create a new style for blogger easy to do their blog. if you wish to post a blog now just click on "Start Blogging".

Step 6. post something. then click "Publish" and then click "View Post".