Saturday, December 10, 2011


          Billy and Bobby were small boys. They were brothers, and they often had fights with each other.
          Last Saturday their mother said to them, " I'm going to cook our lunch now. Go out and play in the garden and be good."

          "Yes, Mummy," the two boys answered, and they went out. They played in the garden for half an hour, and then their mother heard something. She said to herself, 'Someone's broken some glass.'
         "Then Billy ran into the kitchen. He was older than Bobby. "Mummy," he said, 'Bobby's broken a window in Mrs. Allen's house. Mrs. Allen was one of their neighbor.
"He's a bad boy," his mother said, "How did he break it?"
"I threw a stone at him," Billy answered, 'and he ducked.'.

Kitchen (n) ផ្ទះបាយ
Throw (v) ចោល, គប់
Stone (n) ថ្ម
Duck (v) អោន, គេច